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Devaramane Hills

Chikmagalur's Best Sunset view at Devaramane Hills - RiverMist Resorts

Image Credit: Suhas Ravihal

Travelling is an emotion to experience life in a different tone. There are many places to visit in India’s southern part. Are you searching for one where you can relax and forget all for a while?

RiverMist Resorts invites all nature lovers to the beautiful lush green valleys of Devaramane, the paradise of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. The meaning of the word Devaramane is Abode of God, which in all sense, a truth well resonates with the view and experience. The world is holding something magical for you and that is Devaramane, the centre of attraction and beauty.

Image Credit: Jeevan Jeeva

The traditional and nature-rich state has several small villages and towns with a pleasant atmosphere. One of them is Mudigere Taluk in the district of Chikkamagaluru. This district houses a village called Devaramane, one of the perfect places for a holiday with friends and family.

The village is just 248 kilometers away from the tech city Banglore. It covers a vast area ranging from Shirdi to Charmadi Ghat. Here are some reasons for the popularity of the Devaramane hills and why it’s a must-visit-tourist place.

The Mesmerising Beauty of Western Ghats

Image Credit: Karthik Murthy

The influence of the Western Ghats makes this place a fascinating spot for tourists and photographers to capture the green surprises. Although the weather is unpredictable, the place enthralls the eyes and minds of the people and refreshes you from within. 

The scenic beauty of this place is breathtaking and the smell of sandalwood in the air takes one to a whole different world. It is counted as the hidden jewels of Chikmagalur. The mist spreading across the sky and its clean-fresh blue color bring some immortal memories for you.

The beauty of Haarlu flowers will steal your heart. It has the shape of Kurinji flowers which is the attraction of Rajamala, Idukki, and Kerala. Your eyes and mind glitter like the petals of the Haarlu when you visit the most amazing place on earth.

Devaramane Hills Mist

Image Credit: Winter Talkies

An Adventurous Treat to Trekkers

Image Credit: Chand

Devaramane will be an exhilarating experience for adventure-loving people as the place has more trekking elements to satisfy. The ups and downs of land are exciting from the beginning to the end. Chikmagalur, the coffee land, is also known for the trekking spots where one can feel the spirit of being adventurous.

The small hills surrounding and the green valley aptly satisfy your holiday demands. Getting to Devaramane hill requires moderate difficulty as there is a gradual incline at the beginning and steepens as one goes deeper into the terrain. The tranquillity of the river shares the warmth of calmness in you and the sight goes beyond what you have seen in your entire life. The trekking experience will be a memory forever to cherish and the beauty will call you back each second.

The Land of Coffees

The Land of Coffee is the geographical tag given to the district of Chikmagalur and it attracts travelers from different parts of India like Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai, and Delhi. As we all know, coffee has a big role in our daily life. And aren’t we all addicted to its mind catching smell?

People living here own coffee plantations along with fishing camps and their income are mainly from the visitors and big companies that buy fresh coffee pees. The very popular Kapila fishing camp is just 15 kilometres away from Devaramane.

Devaramane Lake, a Journey into the Wonder of Nature

Devaramane Lake View

Our mother nature presents us refreshing moments when we connect ourselves with the wonders around us. Devaramane is surrounded by many fascinating spots where you will rejoice in the serenity and greenery.

The Devaramane lake is an ideal holiday destination both for families and friends. Nature is a great friend who can influence each of our steps. You can pitch a camp near the Devaramane lake with your favourite people to create some memories that can travel for years and years.

A Place To Experience Your Spiritual Self

There is a small temple village situated on the banks of river Nethravathi. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and comprises a gold lingam. It offers spiritual enlightenment with the presence of Lord Shiva’s power. Some of the other places to visit and feel include EtinaBhuja, Jenkal, and Bisle Ghat.

EttinaBhuja is a youthful place for trekking both for beginners and experienced and it is near Dharamshala. This range is also known as Shishila Gudda.

Kalabhairaveshwara Temple

Kalabhairaveshwara Temple

Each journey is a spiritual search. India’s rich culture honestly agrees with this philosophy. There is a dislocated historical temple popularly known as the Kalabhairaveshwara temple.

This 800-year-old historical temple is also quite popular among the locals by the name of ‘Mane Devru’. The temple is protected with dignity as it is closely related to the daily life of the locals. It is about 2-3 kilometers towards Mudigere from Kottigehara and according to the signboard, one needs to take a right turn and then travel twelve kilometers to reach the place.

An aww-mazing place without a second thought

Devaramane Hills Sunset View from top

Image Credit: Manjunath Krishnamurthy

The road leading to the mesmerizing temple has to be appreciated as the small green hills provide a relaxing sight to the eyes. The temple is designed with a pond and a hill backside. Five to ten minutes of hiking will get you to the top of Devaramane point. Reaching this point is quite adventurous and an exhilarating experience. It is located at a distance of 200 meters from the temple.

Tales of the untold

Image Credit: Adarsh Bhat

There is nothing as amazing as the green enchanting experience our mother nature gifts. One will be enraptured by the picturesque beauty, the serene ambience, and the serenity of the place. The gurgling sound of the streams and the roar of the rivers flowing beneath can be heard from the distant hills. 

Be it the lush green valleys or the foggy windy weather, everything about Devaramane is very very soothing. A person who is very fond of nature can never leave the place, all you can do is have an open heart to embrace all your eyes catch. Create a connection with nature by visiting the paradise where your mind can find new heights.

The aura of chikmagalur and devaramane hills

Devaramane is the centre of attraction for nature lovers. You can see a new world around you when you are walking through the greenery, when you touch the drops of the river flowing between the hills, the misty surroundings, and the aura of Chikmagalur. 

Hailu is a unique purple flower that blooms once every twelve years and gives the hills a cushioned and carpeted appearance. The Devaramane hills are located in the Gutti village which creates a close connection between man and nature. It is a visual treat for everyone and your mind will touch the core of your heart with the beauty.

Heavenly experience of a beautiful getaway

Devaramane betta top view after trekking

Image Credit: Shivayya V N

Along with Seethalayanagiri, KavikalGandi point, Baba Budangiri, Zpoint, Mullayanagiri, and Devaramane also fall among the aptly satisfying offbeat places in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. 

The Devaramane Viewpoint offers tourists a panoramic scenery of the hills, the valleys, and the glittering lakes, and the experience is phenomenal. The abundance of lush green fields, along with the hill ranges and crystal clear streams, make it an ideal getaway location for families and friends alike. Enjoy some beautiful moments with your beloved and create a feeling of positivity.

Ideal getaway

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Early winter is the perfect time to visit this beautiful place as nature is furnished with exciting sights. The mind filling time for photographers is between September and December since nature remains very colorful during this time of the year. If one is ready to escape the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy peace and serenity in the lap of nature, then plan your next holiday in Devaramane where your mind can reach the zenith of happiness.