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Built-in the center of dense jungles and coffee estates, Rivermist stands as a unique place for visitors to get back in touch with their roots and to have a peaceful holiday.

Situated at the heart of the hilly Western Ghats mountain ranges, Rivermist provides an alluring breathtaking view of the mountains and tranquil vibe to enhance your Chikmagalur journey. From premium private cottages to activities like tea plantation walks, Rivermist delivers everything your heart wishes. Breathe in the pure air from the towering mountains and have an unadulterated encounter with nature here with us.

There is a solid reason behind the existence of the RiverMist resort. The sole idea that pushes RiverMist fraternity forward is happy customers. The rising stress and anxiety in the 21st-century lifestyle demand proper therapy and medication. What Rivermist provides is the exact same thing. The captivating beauty of the mountains, the pin-drop silence, and the facilities the resort offers are the many subsets used here for successfully restoring happiness among the guests. Rivermist lends a helping hand for people in need and that’s why the idea of ‘resort for relaxation’ struck a chord with the people and the resort authorities.

Even just the journey from Bangalore to Chikmagalur can be a rejuvenating experience for many. Surrounded by reserve forests and gigantic hills, the journey is blissful and an orgasmic experience for senses.

Situated near Sunkasale town, Rivermist remains as one of the most affordable resorts in Western Ghats of Karnataka. For travelers who sought after tranquility and who are in a pursuit to get closer to nature and craving for a break from the chaos, this resort is for you.

It is an ideal location and option for everyone who yearns for a much better Chikmagalur experience. Situated at a height of 4950 ft above sea level, Rivermist resort stands as a unique place with plenty of incredible views were explorers can get in touch with nature.

Cottages with all the most modern amenities and eco-friendly facilities make the resort a fusion of both luxury and budget packages. The resort offers a wide variety of cottages, and premium dining spaces granting different requirements. Private cottages for romantic honeymoon getaways, comfortable stay experience for families and couples and a wide range of nature-friendly activities are what Rivermist resort in Chikmagalur is famous for.

Rivermist is more than just a resort. Set in the foothills of the mighty Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hot-spots" of biological diversity in the world, Rivermist stands as a link between nature and people. With locations including hill stations, coffee plantations, waterfalls, rivers, and valleys combined with luxury and placidity, Rivermist is the perfect destinations to take a break and be on a holiday.

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Address: RiverMist Resort Road, Madugundi, Sunkasale, PO, Mudigere, Karnataka 577121

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Address: 290 Rainbow Residency Carmelaram, Off Sarjapur Road ,Bangalore KA 560035 IN

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