Create memories for a lifetime

RiverMist provides a wide variety of packages for different occasions. From couples retreat to nature-friendly activities and being a major romantic place near Bangalore for dinner, the list goes on. In the middle of the forest surrounded by valleys and tea plantations, RiverMist stands as a fabulous resort in Chikmagalur for so many reasons to explore Chikmagalur.

Take a moment from your never-ending busy life, plan a drive to explore Chikmagalur, and arrange for an overnight stay here in RiverMist resort. You will understand why people consider RiverMist as one of the few remaining good resorts in Chikmagalur. Take a few steps back from the busy chaotic city life and dive into nature to get back to childhood glory. Inhale the exquisite aroma of spice and coffee plantations and take a walk in the forest to liven up your spirits.

Nature Walk

The dense forests of the Western Ghats surrounded by different shades of green and rich faunal wealth make Nature walks and exploration the best therapy to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. Nature Walk is a way to restore happiness and smile to your anxiety-filled life and it is hands down one of the best features of the resort.


According to different occasions like birthdays and anniversary celebrations, RiverMist offer unique surprise parties and gifts to make your special day even more special. RiverMist strives to make the resort experience completely satisfactory and special for all our guests.


The most famous attraction here is the Ballalrayana Durga fort trek. It is a one-and-a-half-hour trek that takes you to the top of the fort through beautiful grasslands and panoramic views via the Rani Jhari peak.

Candle Light Dinner

The candlelight dinner facility offered by the resort is a stunning feature to surprise your partner with. The romantic dining session illuminated by candlelights and blissful ambiance is literally the best way to celebrate love.

Riverside BBQ Chikmagalur

RiverMist offers a riverside barbeque facility that people can enjoy with their loved ones. Our guests can enjoy a peaceful BBQ meal on the banks of the Netravathi River as it flows near the resort property. The riverside BBQ offered by RiverMist is indeed a hidden gem in the Chikmagalur district and it’s time to put the word out about this great facility

Spiritual Retreat

Temples like Hornadu Annapoorneshwari Temple and Kalasa temple remain ideal for people to visit and spend some quality time with. These 2 famous temples in Chikmagalur are also two of the most important and popular destinations here. The legends and myths behind these temples have a direct role in shaping the traditions and cultures of the region. Hundreds of people visit these temples daily for worship and lately the temples have been garnering a lot of tourist appeal too. Thus, making the destination perfect for a spiritual tour.